Athearn Genesis ATHG63646 SDP45 W/DCC & SOUND, CONRAIL #6670, HO

AthearnSKU: ATHG63646


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  • #6670 and #6681
    • Dual control stands
    • Front and rear MU hose catch tray with bottom reinforcing strip
  • All Conrail road numbers
    • New roadname
    • Carbody with 20-645 hood door arrangement, rear numberboards, and class
    • Low profile roof details: dust bin hatch, dynamic brake fans, exhaust
      stack, engine compartment "T" vent, and radiator fans
    • Leslie SU-3L-R air horn mounted on low clearance bracket
    • Cab signal box
    • Front trainline hose with drop elbow and silver end
    • 3-hose MU hose clusters with silver ends
    • Late coupler cut levers with loops painted white
    • Notched pilot faces
    • Front drop step
    • Front and rear deck-mounted MU stands
    • 81" short hood with SDP notched brake wheel and class lights and gaskets
    • Antiglare patch painted on top of nose
    • Dual single louver battery box doors and sub-base doors with stiffener
    • Standard "35-Line" cab with armrests and sunshade tracks
    • Dual sealed beam cab headlight with anti-glare shields
    • Windwings without mirrors fore & aft of cab side windows
    • Large Sinclair "ice skate" antenna
    • Early ECAFB
    • Low profile standard range dynamic brake housing with retrofitted side
    • Rectangular grid radiator intake grilles
    • Pointed long hood end
    • Rear anticlimber
    • Rectangular builders plate
    • 5,000 gallon fuel tank
    • Salem air filter set with piping
    • Rear trainline hose with silver end
    • Frame mounted bell
    • Flexicoil-C Trucks with high/low brake cylinders and Hyatt bearings
    • Speed recorder
    • Dual end sanding lines
    • Era: 1976-1984

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