A Line Product 116-50121 Trailer Dress-Up Kits (4 Wheels, 8 Tires, 2 Mudflaps w/Bracket, 2 Axles) -- 2 Hole Disc Wheels, HO

A Line ProductSKU: 116-50121


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#50121 - Dress-up Kit with Disc Wheels

This kit allows you to super detail an HO intermodal trailer with a minimum of
effort.(for Walthers - Athearn - Front Range- Herpa- McKean-Con Cor etc.). Kit
includes:4-wheels, 8-Tires, 2-Mud Flaps, 2-Axles,1-Adapter Tube, 1-Mud flap brkt.
#50121 - 2-Hole Disc Wheels (8)

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