Walthers 920-825 (10) El Capitan 10 Of the 11-Car Consist -- Deluxe #1 , HO

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This is 10 of the 11 cars of the Deluxe Set 1.

The 11th car will be out in late August and you will be automatically put on the list to receive the 11th car when it arrives.  The cost of the 11th car will be $121 (MSRP: $135), and we'll give you free shipping on that final car!

Late 1960s Combined Super Chief

Product Information

Model one of Santa Fe's most unique passenger trains quickly and easily with this 11-car Deluxe Edition consist of the late 1960s Combined Super Chief / El Capitan! Each HO replica comes fully assembled with all the features that define WalthersProto models, with over 180 Preiser passengers and crew figures throughout the train, factory installed LED interior lighting, and unique factory-printed names or numbers as appropriate. Sold only as a complete set, each unique car arrives in the same month as the standard model. Production is strictly limited to the number of sets preordered by August 31, 2020, and past runs have sold have sold out in a matter of hours - don't be disappointed, reserve your WalthersProto Deluxe Edition Late 1960s combined Super Chief / El Capitan today!

This Deluxe Edition consist includes one each of these unique cars, available only in this set:
  • 74' Baggage Car #3918*

    85' Baggage-Dorm Transition Car #3477

    85' 68-Seat Step-Down Coach (forward seats) #532

    85' 68-Seat Step-Down Coach (reverse seats) #528

    85' 10-6 Sleeper "Pine Pass"**

    85' 36-Seat Diner #601**

    85' 11 Double-Bedroom Sleeper "Indian Lake"  ( August 2022 )

    85' Pleasure Dome Bar Lounge #500**

    85' 4-4-2 Sleeper "Regal Crown"**

    85' Hi-Level Diner #651

    85' Hi-Level Sky Lounge #577

*No lights or figures

PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature a full underbody to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended.

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