Revell Monogram Germany 03704 Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket 1:96

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Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket

Product number: 03704



Number of parts:183

Height:1140 mm

On July 16, 1969, at 9:32 a.m., the gigantic Saturn V was launched from Cape Canaveral, the most significant voyage in human history. The giant Saturn V consisted of three main stages, was 110 meters high and weighed 3,000 tons. It could carry a payload of 50 tons and reached a speed of 11.2 km/second. The 394,000 km journey to the moon took 72 hours. After reaching low Earth orbit, the upper assembly with the Apollo capsule received thrust from the third stage of the launch vehicle to reach flight speed to the Moon. Later, the Apollo assembly detached from the rocket, rotated, and pulled the lunar module out of its protective envelope. Thus coupled together, this unit arrived at the Moon and veered into lunar orbit. After several lunar orbits, the lunar module separated from the command module with astronauts N. Armstrong and E. Aldrin on board separated from the command module in which only astronaut M. Collins remained.

  • Saturn V model with 1.14 m height
  • Launch platform with supports
  • Final stage with 5 detailed thrusters
  • Printed tube parts made of thin polystyrene strips
  • Propellant casing
  • 2nd rocket stage with 5 thrusters
  • Intermediate ring with firewall
  • 3rd rocket stage with thruster and helium sphere tanks
  • Detailed lunar module
  • 1 astronaut
  • Separate upper stage of the lunar module
  • Lunar module protective cover with clear part for viewing
  • Service module with thruster and control nozzles
  • Command capsule with interior and astronaut figure
  • Rescue rocket at the top
  • Optional lunar display panel for the various operational phases of the Apollo mission

In addition to base colors, glue and brushes are also included.

Scope of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (not assembled).
  • Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
  • Decals
  • Paints (Revell Aqua Color)
  • Brush
  • Glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)

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