Iconic Replicas 870490 1980 GM Flxible 53102 (Fishbowl) Bus - Assembled -- New York City MTA (white, blue, Bx55 Limited Fordham Plaza), HO Scale

Iconic ReplicasSKU: FDT-808-870490


This detailed HO Scale GM Flxible (Fishbowl) Bus is perfect for adding realism to your diesel-era city streets. Used by city transit agencies in the U.S. and Canada, the prototype earned the "Fishbowl" monicker because of its large front windshield shaped to allow the driver to see the ground ahead and to the corners of the vehicle. This model features a die cast body with injection-molded parts, window glazing and fine decoration. It's a great addition to your 1970s and later layout or vehicle collection. 

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