PREORDER BLI 7916 Operating Water Tower w/ Sound, CB&Q, Weathered, HO

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Broadway Limited Imports is proud to once again pioneer sound in HO! Our all-new Operating Water Tower is a faithful reproduction of the filling stations found on many water stops on Americas railroads.

Water was an essential part of steam locomotive operation, so the Water Tower is a prototypically necessary addition to any steam route!

Just attach the Water Tower to any standard 12V DC power supply (or stationary accessory DCC Decoder) and activate the motorized spout & sounds with the push of a button!



  • Durable ABS Construction

  • Hand Painted

  • Available Weathered & Unweathered

  • Available Decorated & Undecorated

  • Sound-Synchronized Vertical Fill Spout Movement

  • Sound Equipped including sound effects for:
      - Spout movement squeak
      - Water hatch squeal & clang
      - Water filling
      - Talking Engineer

  • Push button activated (included). Powered by standard 12V DC power supply or appropriate stationary / accessory DCC decoder such as AUXBOX or Digitrax DS64.  Note that you must use the included push button to trigger the operating sequence.

  • Unpowered Tower available in two colors for first time!



    Height: 155.2 mm
    Width: 86.8 mm (not including spout)

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